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Liz Mitchell Wonderful Wool 


Liz Mitchell’s Bespoke tailoring combined with the unique, enduring qualities of wool are a partnership made in heaven. One of New Zealand’s finest couture fashion designers, she has long been a champion of wool fibre’s beauty, versatility and breathability. As an Ambassador for The Campaign for Wool, and international promotion, Liz is a proud brand partner , who encourages customers to embrace wool and its qualities. “I’ve always loved natural materials throughout my career and have had strong ties with the New Zealand Wool Board. I love the beauty of the fibre, it is enduring, versatile and breathable. It helps create classics for customers who value quality and sustainability”.

Eschewing fleeting fashion trends, Liz specialises in creating elegant wool garments and exquisite travel wraps from quality textiles and yarns, sourced from within New Zealand and around the world.

To view a selection of Liz’s wool garments or to discuss a wool piece, please visit us at our Grey Lynn, Auckland Atelier or email to make an appointment for a consultation with Liz.